Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Hunting Assisted Originals

Happy Hunting Assisted Originals (above). Limited to 5 pieces, each of these 15 x30" pieces feature giclee printing on top of Peekaboo's hand-painted backgrounds. This new approach combines the unique elements of original pieces with the limited-run aspect of prints. Each of the five pieces has a different color combo background -- Purple (Purple Night)- Orange (Sunrise)- Pink (Sunset)- Blue (Blue Monday)- Yellow (Golden Sun).
$350+25 ship



&Rew said...

i followed the links from kidrobot blog and found yer art.

i'm really digging the palette and some of your monsters, esp. the bubble bobble piece.

props for some great designs.


kaNO! said...

what up son?! holler back!!